Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stor Gandrud (large Gandrud farm) c1920

Photo was taken c1920 by unknown photographer. The farm has been in the Gandrud/Gulsvik family since commoners could own land - about 1150 AD. At one point Gulsvik was a very large area; as sons and daughters married the land was divided. A large lake is in front of the farm (about the bottom edge of the photo), although not visible in this photo. Behind the farmstead (top of photo) are hills that became well-known during WWII when the Norwegian Resistance fired down on a German U Boat in the lake. It was the only place in Norway where the Norwegian Resistance had an open battle. The German U Boat fired back causing some bullets to land in the children's playhouse. The bullets are still embedded in the playhouse.

My great grandmother, Brynhild Engebretsdatter (Gandrud), was born 7 September 1837 on this farm as were all of her Gandrud ancestors for centuries. Her father was Engebret Kolbjornsen Gandrud b. before 29 November 1807. Her mother was Gunhild Knudsdatter Hilde, b. before 22 February 1801 on North Hilde. Later, I will post photos of the farm today taken of me with cousin Kolbjorn Nils Skinnes. Kolbjorn owns the farm now; he is a descendant of Brynhild's brother who took over the Gandrud farm when Engebret died.

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My father, Howard Gandrud, is deep into Scandivian geneology. The farm depicted on your June 2007 post is definitly from the family. If you are interested in comparing notes i would be happy to have my father reach out. he is not tech saavy so it would need to be via phone or via his son.