Thursday, January 31, 2008

The book is in print at long last!

12 August 2009 - A brief update: My book, The Spirit in the South, is finally in print. If libraries request a copy from authorHOUSE they will receive one free. Email me and I will email the address for that request. After the long time-consuming process of writing, editing and proofing that began in 1999, it is finally finished. I am so grateful to Jane Bauer of Kensett, Iowa who is a phenomenal editor! This book could not have been completed without her amazing critique and assistance. She sees things I do not. Additional thanks goes to many cousins, especially Anne Curtis Terry who contributed essays to the book. The book is available on Barnes and Noble's website as well as

For the new reader of this blog: it helps to start reading the Hallinglag history from the first posting as opposed to going backwards by date. The history of Hallingdal makes a lot more sense if you do that. Maybe I should have written it backwards in time?

I received some great photos from our cousin Danny Brunsvold of Kensett - Worth County, Iowa; plan to get them uploaded when the history of Hallingdal shifts to Worth County history of the immigrants. Danny and I share common ancestors: his ggrandmother Malena Vold Brunsvold and my grandfather were siblings. And Happy Birthday to Danny's mother: Marguerite Brunsvold!

Blessings, Cynthia