Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gandrud Clock

1996 photo of cousin Nils Kolbjorn Skinnes and me (Cynthia) taken in front of the grandfather clock that has been in the house and family since 1837. The clock belonged to our shared ancestors Engebret Kolbjornson Gandrud and his wife, Gunhild Knudsdatter Hilde. I had the clock reproduced in Norway by a master woodcarver and a rosemaling artist. Photos of my clock will be on the blog later.
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Jake said...

I was curious, do you know who the clockmaker was? The reason I ask is that my great(x) grandfather was a clockmaker in Norway during the time your family's was made and looks a lot like his style. I have a book that was written about him and the family, just in case it is him and it would be interesting for your book.