Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Norwegian Pulpit Supply Team

Pastor Arlen Fiske (seated) wearing an original Lutheran "ruff" collar and vestments. Pastor Fiske is the author of many novels about Norwegian life and customs.

Standing: Klokker (the layman who presided at the opening and closing of worship)

Pastor Frank (Pastor from Al, Norway)

Pastor Cynthia (Pastor from Texas)
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Sue said...

Hello Cynthia,
Imagine my joy when I stumbled upon your blog and your entry from July 2007 on Pastor Arlen Fiske. My Great grandfather came from Hallingdal, Al, Norway and became cofounder of one of the first Norwegian/American Synods here in the states. Recently I've been wondering where I might find information on what life was like for the clergy. There is plenty out there for farmers but I imagine the two would be quite different.
I will try to locate some of his books. Thank you for being here.

Cynthia said...

Thanks, Sue. You can obtain early clergy history from the ELCA website or from one of our eight seminaries. I am not sure if you descend from Fiske or his ancestors -- or if you descend from Clausen or one of those early pastors.

I can be reached: spiritsouth@gmail.com