Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stor Gandrud by Howard Gandrud

Thanks to Howard Gandrud for sending the photo of Stor (large) Gandrud farm he took while in Norway. Howard descends from the Vesle (small) Gandrud farm but he did meet Nils Kolbjorn Skinnes, a Stor Gandrud farm descendant and current owner.
It may be that Vesle Gandrud farm is visible on the upper right side of this photo, but the large white house on the left is the Stor Gandrud farm.
During the Second World War, the only site of actual armed battle between the Norwegian resistance and the Germans took place from the hills above the farm. The underground resistance shot down at a German U Boat in the lake; the U boat returned fire with some of the bullets lodging in the children's playhouse. The bullets are still in evidence in the playhouse.

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Peter Iang said...

My father, Howard Gandrud, is deep into Scandivian geneology. The farm depicted on your June 2007 post is definitly from the family. If you are interested in comparing notes i would be happy to have my father reach out. he is not tech saavy so it would need to be via phone or via his son.
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